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If your water supply system has been properly constructed, the good news is that it will likely require little maintenance. However, there are some steps to take to ensure the quality of your system:

Be certain the contractors hired for the job are 100% licensed and certified including the well drillers and the crew installing the pump.

Be sure to stay on top of routine preventative maintenance. This includes annual checks and a bacterial test. If you notice a change in the taste or appearance of your drinking water, it’s important to have the water checked.

Always store potentially hazardous chemicals including pesticides, paint, fertilizer and motor oil a distance from the well.

Keep all of your well records in a safe place including construction records, maintenance performed, and test results. These will be of vital importance should you be looking to sell or have major problems down the line.

Be sure to keep an eye on the overall appearance of the well. Note any changes you see.

Well systems typically last about 20 years. When it is time for a system upgrade or change, again be sure to hire licensed and certified contractors to do the job.

Keep an eye on the cover or well cap as this is an important piece of the system. Note any damage and be sure to have it fixed in a timely fashion.

If hiring a true professional, the contractor will know what the safe distance is for you well system and other structures. This is a good question to ask when looking to hire contractors.

Do not use the same the same equipment on the well as is used on potentially hazardous chemicals (as mentioned above).

While it is tempting to want to landscape around the top of your well to disguise it, it is important to keep the top one foot above the ground at all times. Also, keep the ground sloped as it leads away from the well. This will ensure proper drainage.

When maintaining your landscape, it’s important to keep leaves, snow and debris away from the well casing. If the casing becomes damaged, it could lead to unsanitary water supply.